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Up To You!...the book!

This is the first page of my book....

mmm....wonder what comes next!



Up To You! is available as a full color digital/ebook 

with illustrations,

(Click here to buy ebook)

and is NOW available in a paperback

black and white version with no illustrations.

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Thank you!


Up To You! 

Listen to intro here --->>>

Intro to Up To You! the book - Pj Fay
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Up To You! A Magical Story based on the 7 Principles of Huna and

Divine Guidance

Uo To You! book cover
Up To You! back book cover

"Up To You!" is a delightfully colorful and

inventive way of inspiring young and old with

practical ways of thinking and acting." -

Serge Kahili King, Ph.D., author of

"Urban Shaman" et al.

5 Stars!

Take this step...UP TO YOU!
Pj is a talented Healer author, and illustrator.

I look forward to more books from her.

It amazes me how something so fun and simple can

reach right in and touch that special spot within you.

One doesn't just read this book... you experience it.

It encourages you and facilitates a positive transformation within you. 

"UP TO YOU!" is a powerful tool for one's self, as an adult or any age group. You're never too young and you're never too old. ​

​​Take a chance on a magical journey, your magical journey...


November 25, 2012

Denise: Falmouth, MA

5 stars!

"Finally! found the instruction book for life! 

Better than imaginable and so simple!

A true Divine gift!

I'll be making sure all my loved ones have a copy!

I especially love Jack the horse with the emerald green eyes!  

Aloha Pj!  So Grateful for this magical book giving us the magical tools to truly have the life we dream of!

December 5, 2012

By Loraine W.

Up To You! Page from book

At first glace inside, "Up To You!" looks like a simple children's book,

and yet this delightful book is for adults!

And kids do love it too!

This is deliberate, in fact every word and illustration

was intentionally created from above, 

to go straight into the heart of

every man, woman, and of course, child.

This relatively short story provides a life time of wisdom on how to consciously create the life you want!

Read it once...and read it again and again...each time you will receive

a deeper understanding to the keys of manifestation.


"Up To You!" was "handed" to me while on a trip

to Kauai many years ago...

beautiful gift from my Divine Guidance that I am 

forever grateful for receiving...and passing on to you!


It's learning from de-light!




5 Stars!

Up to You!
PJ Fay entertains and enlightens in this delightfully illustrated metaphysical primer for all ages.

Though presented as a simple children's book;

it's packed with powerful wisdom and speaks to the heart of young and old. 

February 5, 2013

Colleen Holden


5 Stars! ~ Up to You!


Wonderful for adults AND children! A must read!


Ever wanted to know about the Law of Attraction

but were not sure where to start?

This would be the PERFECT book for you!

I was extremely pleased with how easy to

understand this book is!

The animal characters are captivating enough to keep

a child's attention and they each have wonderful

simple messages about law of attraction and

creating a wonderful and HAPPY life!

This book has it all, magic and miracles included!

One of my favorite messages comes from the beautiful red bird,

named Grace,who visits Pj in this delightful little story,

it goes as follows:

"Freedom for me

Freedom for you

I am free to be me

and you are free to be you"

That is just a very small example of some of the gems

you will find in this book!

Cute. Sweet. AND a great teaching tool.

    By J. Liddell

~ July 9, 2013


5 stars!

Delightful! Up To You! takes us on a

delightful journey of creating dreams!

This story shares an important reminder to think positively! Up To You! is filled with charming illustrations where lovable characters share their wisdom in a joyful way! Up To You!

November 23, 2012

By Mary Jo Parris

Up To You! is available on Amazon


or in any digital format from Ebookit


You may also contact me for a signed copy

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