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​​PS...I love you all….and that includes the ones I haven’t met yet!


(PPS..for clarity's sake, I was known as Pamela Brennan for years, before my  name change, back to my maiden name, of Pj Fay.)

Client Testimonials...

This took place during a Wellness Fair at Willy's Gym...

A 15 minute session, in a large and busy room, full of people passing through that were attending the Fair or the gym for their workout (we were by the front door). 


"Feels like underwater, peace, calming, blanketed or surrounded by warmth, quiet and nurturing. Feels like the feeling right before orgasm ~ the energy and waves that run up the body and as pleasurable."

Client Testimonials

**For clarity sakes ~ My name was Pamela Brennan for many years before I changed it to Pj Fay


"Truly gifted, really touched on my situation and passed along messages that resonated"

"I think she is a rising star on here, she's really connected and gifted. The readings are inspiring and truthful"

"Absolutely loved my reading! Thank you so much!"

"Amazing reader, highly recommend, thank you"

"Very Insightful"   "Thanks"    "Good reading"

"I really like her reading"

"Great reading!!! Thank you!!!"

"Thank you so much Pj for the 707 session!

It was exactly what I needed to lift me out of the stuckness I was feeling, What an Angelic Gift to receive as I felt so much love from above along with incredible useful messages. The downloads and uploads are amazing!

I'm so grateful Pj, the session left me in total serenity and peace.

It was better than I ever imagined.

The best gift anyone can give to themselves or others!

Pj, you are a very clear Divine channel beloved! 

Much Love!"           


"​Dear Pamela (Pj),

Your Angel Reading was so brilliant with insights and information that I had to extend my 30 minutes to 1 hour so that I could hear all the messages.
It was one of those ‘not to be missed’ experiences. I could feel the angels presence and sensed such love while I was talking with you during the reading.
It as like having a direct conversation with them. Everything you said made perfect sense and the timing was impeccable. It touched my soul deeply.
A sense of peace descended upon me. I needed to hear everything and can now make the shifts and changes that will allow me to live a more peaceful and loving life each day. Your channeling is amazing with the angel’s messages so spot on. Everything you said was extremely important to my well being and life’s work. I highly recommend your Angel Readings to anyone who needs to more fully connect with their Angels and receive priceless messages.
You are a treasure!"
Love, (V.P. H, NV)

"​I had my Reconnection with Pj a few months ago. It was amazing!

The actual experience of the Reconnection was incredible, but the things that have followed since then have been miraculous!

Everybody's experience is different, but mine reconnected me with my higher self, my guides on the other side, and has led me to clearly know my true life's purpose and mission for being on Earth at this time. In a quiet meditative state while having the Reconnection done,

I was able to connect with my spiritual Source and Guidance and was able to "see" my soul before I came to Earth and to "hear" information on my true life's purpose, as well as gain insights on other things that are happening in my life.

My Reconnection was the beginning of my second spiritual awakening, and was the beginning of being on a new path of spiritual awareness and a deep connection with my Higher Self and spirtual source and guidance.

Pj is a wonderful facilitator and I enjoy doing spiritual work with her because she is so caring, gentle, loving, spiritually aware and

open-minded. Her spiritual workspace is soothing and uplifting at the same time.

I highly recommend having your Reconnection done with Pj, it will change your life in a very positive way!"



"Good morning, Pam! (Pj)

I feel so blessed and peaceful this morning after a wonderful night’s sleep. I send blessings to you and thank you for the angel reading yesterday. You reaffirmed my awareness of many angels around me, supporting, guiding and loving me.

I walk in wonder and awe of this love.

You are truly an instrument. You are a guiding light for others. 
Thank you again. Peace to you."


"​Hi Pamela (Pj),
Thank you again for the amazing reading.

It was so right on and was exactly what I needed to hear.

You are truly gifted!
Blessings, (NC-B, MA)"


"Dear Pam (Pj),

I just want you to know how blown away I have been since we did the Dynamind…Thank you so much for all you have given me with your guidance and I hope to do it again…I also hope to take your class in June.

I thank you with love and light.
Aloha, (SR–MM, MA)"

"Hi Pamela (Pj),

Thank you for the Angel Reading yesterday – they’re lots of words of wisdom and I appreciate your time and beautiful energy.
Love, (M- H,MA)"

"Dear Pamela (Pj),

Thank you so much for the Reconnective healing sessions as well as the Reconnection itself.
The Reconnective healing sessions helped me get through each week. In addition since the Reconnection itself;

I have been pain free. I have not taken any pain medication at all.
Words cannot describe how thankful I am for you doing Reconnection.



"Hi Pamela (Pj),

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for today’s reading. It was very very meaningful for me. The guidance was right on the money. I just wasn't seeing things with as much clarity before today. Interesting outcome too."


"Hi Pam (Pj)!

Thank you so much for seeing me today,

it was an incredible experience!

I learned so much from you."

(SC- B,MA)

"Hello dear Pam (Pj),

Well, was I lucky, or what!  What a joy to be in your presence.  My  heart was bursting open as I came into your office, and it kept  

getting bigger the whole time we were together. Blessings dear heart. And thank you. Hope to see you again."

(CC from MA)

"Pamela (Pj) is a heart centered, knowledgeable teacher who  gently guides you along your path...

in gratitude."

(E.S. D,MA)

"Dear Pamela (Pj),

Thank you so much for all you put into our time this morning.

It was an excellent and wonderful session.

Love from,


"Dear Pam (Pj),

I wanted to connect with you and thank you again for the delightful and insightful reading last week.

I felt a much deeper connection with my angels and guides.  You have a true gift bridging earth souls with their guides.

I believe many people can benefit through your gifts. I plan to share your e-mail with my meditation group which encompasses

the entire USA. (about 60-70  people)

Thank you again and God Bless

(K- S, MA)"

"Pamela (Pj),

I also use Angel cards as a means of communicating with the Angels. I love the layout you use and now I use that layout all the time.
The reading you gave me coincided with the information that I received. The information was accurate and timely. Thank you very much.(DM-D, MA)"

" I call myself lucky to have Pj Fay as a friend.  I suffered with having severe anxiety and fear about flying.  It had been an ongoing        

 issue all of my life.  It would either hold me back from going places or it would ruin my vacation and essentially my everyday life in the days leading up to the trip. After my bestfriend moved to Arizona, I knew my fear of flying had to be conquered.  Pj gave me advice about books to read and techniques that would help me.  When I picked a date that I would want to travel, I went to see Pj at her office. She taught me the Dynamind and One Command techniques. Within the first couple of minutes of doing the Dyanmind, I could already feel its power.  This was an excitable experience that made me eager to learn more.  Before my knowledge of the Dynamind, just the thought of walking into an airport would make me anxious! 

But as I was sitting across from Pj, all my fears were suddenly gone.  Thinking about flying, buying tickets, etc were all things that suddenly, I was excited to do! I was in complete shock and beyond happy that I had finally found something that could have such a powerful affect over my feelings of fear.  The day had come that I was sitting in the airport getting ready to board the plane, and unlike my previous trips, I was not sweating, anxious or nervous. I was able to keep still and be excited for the journey.  I got on the plane, did the Dynamind in the seat and I have never had a more enjoyable flight in my life!! I am so grateful to Pj for showing me how to use these techniques.  

They are now apart of my everyday life and I continue to be amazed by their powers.  I am currently house hunting and had used the One Command and Dynamind to ask for help in any way possible to financially help me along my way.  I did the Dynamind once more in the parking lot of a store, went in and bought a scratch ticket and won five hundred dollars!! Knowing how to use these techniques is the most empowering feeling I have ever felt.  As long as you have an open mind and faith, you have the power to do anything! Ever since my experiences, I can not say enough about these techniques and have been spreading the word to everyone that I know! I am forever grateful to Pj for opening my world to such powers. I look forward to my future adventures that life will bring :)"     (AC-B,MA)

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