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Angel Parties

​​​Angels Gather Here!
Pj Fay Angel Party
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Angel Party

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Host An Angel Party!

Angels Love Parties! And You’ll Love Angel Parties!
(PS..Angels Love Chocolate too!)

Host an Angel Party and receive a free Angel Reading!

Gather Your Friends and I’ll gather the Angels! 

In the privacy of your own home...Simply provide some light food and beverages for your guests and then

relax and enjoy a special evening filled with love, joy and healing with the Angelic Realms

Each guest will receive a personal (and private) Angel Reading of approximately 15 to20 minutes,
while the other party guests mingle and relax.

Whether it’s a girl’s night out, birthday, a special occasion or just for fun…

you’ll be sure to have a Divine and De-Light-ful time!

The 411...Invite 4 to 7 guests.

Readings for parties are $40.00 per guest and the hostess’s is free.

A typical party is about 3 to 4 hours long.
A private area with a small table and two chairs is needed.
(Readings will be recorded and emailed after.)
I will arrive approximately ½ hour prior to the start of the party.
A non-refundable deposit of $40 is required to hold the date.
Parties located off-Cape will require a traveling fee…please inquire.

Call me at 508.246.1084 to book your party today!

Angel Gatherings are also available in my home office

This is a group experience rather than individual readings

Call or text for details @508.246.1084

Angel Parties for Children and Young Adults! 

~ Ages 10 to 16 ~​

Please contact me if you're interested in hosting this special form of the Angel Party!

This is a more relaxed format and has even more play time!

 The Fairy, Unicorn and The Mermaid and Dolphin card decks I use for the parties are de-light-ful and were created especially with children and young adults in mind...and heart!

Please call me at 508.246.1084 for details and to book your party today!

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