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I am a strong, true, bright and clear channel of the Highest Divine Light.  

I am clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient and claircognizant.

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Divine Light Services

Divine Light

It's Energy, Light & Information

It's Healing by Love and Grace

It's DeLight~ful!

  • Divine Guidance/Angel Readings

  • Energy Healing

  • Transformational Tools & Sessions

Every session I provide for YOU is a unique combination of Divine Angelic Energy, Light and Information. 

Healing comes naturally and is automatic with the Divine Frequencies.

Each and every session is different because YOU are different, and it is Divinely Orchestrated just for YOU! 


You're Divine Guidance already knows and is way ahead of you!

They're waiting for you to receive what you're looking for and better than you can even imagine!


The Higher Perspective and Pure Unconditional Love will give you the answers to your questions and much more! 

Please Book Your Appointment by calling or texting me at 508-246-1084
I am no longer using a scheduling app

The List - Sessions & Services

Angel Reading - 30 Minutes $55.
Hear from Your Angels!
This is in-person or via phone/Skype etc...same as hour long reading but 1/2 hour in length

Angel Reading – 1 Hour $111.
Angel Psychic Reading
Be Bathed in the Love of Divine Light Angelic Frequencies and Receive Information for your Highest and Best...and Better Than You Can Even Imagine!

Divine Light Energy Healing Sessions – 1 Hour $111.

Divine Light Energy Healing ~  U Loving U!
In these Sessions I Channel Healing that is Divine Energy, Light and Information...these Frequencies are the Highest and Best and they are Better Than You Can Even Imagine!

Happily Now Life Coaching – 1 Hour $111. 
Happily Ever-After Begins with Happily Now!
Self Love and Happiness must be the foundation to be successful in all areas of our lives.
Without it, we only allow in limited good.
It's Important.
YOU are important!

The '707' Sessions - 1 Hour $111.

Upgrades and Downloads and Tune-UP's!
These "707" Channeling and Healing Sessions were created, given to me and named, directly by my Divine Guidance.
These, as all my sessions, are of the Highest Healing and Light, as I always allow only the Highest and Best to come through for you.
The first "707" session happened spontaneously one day in 2008.
Since then I've been given further information regarding them (and why they are so needed and at this time) and I went through my own energetic light body and Mer-Ka-Ba preparation for these unique sessions.

Upgrades and Downloads of Energy, Light and Information! A "Tune-up"!

The first '7' symbolizes the information I channel from Divine Guidance for the client or for the group.
The '0' represents Creator and Source of All That Is, and being open to receive the Highest and Best..the unlimited potentiality...the better than you can even imagine!
And the second '7' symbolizes the Light Rays of Healing Energy that fill and surround the client or group as they receive the energetic "down loads and upgrades" and information with these powerful Divinely Orchestrated Frequencies.
Please note, the word "orchestrated" denotes harmony for you!
To put it simply, here's what happens; me and you (or group) sit face-to-face...while I do straight channeling (speaking the information I am receiving and describing what I am seeing, for you) are sitting in a beam, a ray of light, and receiving the energetic "downloads and upgrades".
It is a very relaxing and peaceful experience.
These '707' sessions have been called a 'Love Bath' among other beautiful names by my clients.
There are no prerequisites of any kind. Your Higher Self has called for this and has already been preparing you for this additional energetic support.
These sessions are a special blend of the Divine Energies to serve you on all levels.
The Divine Intention of them is to help, heal and support us in the Evolutionary Process we are now experiencing.
Although it is not a requirement to have had your personal "The Reconnection" before these sessions, they blend beautifully and
the "707" sessions greatly enhance your Divine Galactic Blueprint.
These sessions benefit all who attend and enhance all bio-energetic systems, transmuting them to the Highest Possible!
Each session is unique and specially designed by Divine Guidance specifically for those in attendance. No two individual sessions are alike.
These "707" sessions are a beautiful gift from Above and we are very blessed indeed to have this additional support and Love now!


The One Command Session – 1 Hour $111
Your Wish Is Your Command! "Recalculate ~ Rearrange ~ Recalibrate!"

The One Command is a simple, very quick and effective, 6 step tool to help you consciously create your lives and your dreams!
The practice of The One Command immediately changes your mindset, clears old emotional blocks and opens the doors to new possibilities in every area of your life. 
You will learn to stop limitation and attract success, reverse your negative beliefs and processes, and imprint your DNA for lasting success and as you learn the power of how you can consciously create and manifest!
Enjoy a wealth of health, joy and prosperity!

The Dynamind Technique – 1 Hour $111.
The Dynamind Technique is Mind Blowingly Awesome! Love U!
The Dynamind Technique (DMT) is a tapping technique based on Hawaiian healing methods.
It is an incredibly fast and effective technique for speeding up the natural healing process, and one that you will learn to apply yourself for physical, emotional and mental problems.
DMT is a combination of ancient Hawaiian practices organized into one simple, powerful technique that anyone can use.
These practices involve the use of breath, words, imagery, and touch.
The tapping used in this method is simple and extremely effective
              The power of breath ~ 
              Eu ka manu i kona puapua; 'eu ke kanaka i kona hanu
               "A bird is moved by its tail; a man is moved by his breath."

              Breathing can do far more than simply put oxygen into your blood. You will learn a special shamanic breathing technique for healing your body, your emotions and your mind.

             The power of words ~ 

             Aia ke ola i ka waha; aia ka make i ka waha  

             "Life is in your speech, death is in your speech."

             The words you say, and how you say them, can heal or harm. You will learn how to use words for their best healing effect.

             The power of imagery ~
             Aia ke ola i ka po

             "Health and prosperity come from the inner world."

              Imagination is used in many healing traditions, and you will learn very special ways of using it to heal the conditions of your life.

              The power of touch ~
              Pa ka 'ili, pa ka iwi  

              "Touching the skin touches the bones." 

               A simple touch can have profound effects.

               You will learn how to touch certain areas on your body to release tension quickly and allow healing to happen naturally.
The Dynamind Technique (DMT) can help with pain management, stress management, weight management, physical healing, emotional healing, mental healing, motivation and skill development.


Spiritual Counseling – 1 Hour $111.
Spiritual Counseling was the first step of my healing practice back in 1984.
I first I began by helping people through recovery and step programs.
As I write this I have 35+ years of day at a time.
I am also an Ordained Alakai with Aloha International (an Alakai is a spiritual leader and legal member of the clergy). 
I am privileged to perform wedding ceremonies, baptisms, funeral services and other blessings, and to give spiritual and practical counseling to individuals, married couples, families and children.
My style of Spiritual Counseling naturally includes Intuitive Divine Guidance “Angel Therapy”
I have always deeply loved this past of my healing practice.
Having gone through so many extraordinarily tough experiences when I was young...and beyond, there is not too many things that I don't personally relate to, and I have done the work and healed, as well.
As with all my sessions, I am always in a space of non-judgement and unconditional love. It is my honor and privilege to be of service.


The Heart Garden 1 Hour $111
Your Sacred (and Magical!) Space Within ~ Love U!
Join me and the Angelic Realms we guide you in creating your own unique personal Inner Heart Garden.
Your heart is the gateway to your high self and soul.
Your Heart Garden is your private, safe place within where you can go everyday to connect with your heart's desires, dreams and wishes
and call in and connect with your own Divine Guidance.
This is a beautiful inner space where much wisdom, enlightenment and gifts are received. 
Your heart and soul are speaking to you....go into your heart garden and listen and learn.

The Reconnection -  (2 Sessions – 2 days in a row) $333.

A-Once-In-A-Lifetime Event

This is New. This is Different. This is REAL! ​
It's Energy, Light and Information.

It's Divine Intelligence. ​
It's Healing by Grace.

I Love and Highly Recommend Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection for Everyone!

I truly believe The Reconnection is needed now more than ever before in history...

it's a once-in-a-lifetime event for your Highest and Best in this lifetime...and perhaps all lifetimes.

The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing are gifts beyond words.

My Divine Guidance came through strong, loud and clear to make sure that I got their message about
this new and unique healing frequency. (A story in itself!)

Please take a few minutes to read the information below and of course, feel free to call me if you have any questions at all.

The Reconnection® and Reconnective Healing®
Discover healing beyond anything you've read about, thought about, dreamed about!
These new frequencies of healing can help us reconnect to healing on ALL levels.


This is New. This is Different. This is REAL! ​
It's Energy, Light and Information.

It's Divine Intelligence. ​
It's Healing by Grace.

The Reconnection® is a once-in-a-lifetime procedure that consists of two sessions.
Your personal Reconnection awakens your unique potential in this world through this energetic exchange.
People who receive The Reconnection have a new life ahead of them - often discovering their life's purpose, and discovering new directions, abilities and opportunities available for them to fulfill their life path.
Originally the meridian lines, sometimes called acupuncture lines, on our bodies were connected to the grid lines that encircle the planet.
These grid lines were designed to continue out and connect us to a vastly larger grid, tying us into the entire universe. Over time we became disconnected from these lines.
The Reconnection® brings in new axiatonal lines that enable us to standardize unique vibratory levels and frequencies for healing and ultimately, for our evolution.
These axiatonal lines are part of a timeless network of intelligence, parallel-dimensional circulatory system that draws the basic energy for the renewal functions of the human body.
The Reconnection® brings in and activates these new lines, allowing for the exchange, beyond solely that of energy, but of energy, light and information, the reconnection of DNA strands and the reintegration of strings
(simultaneously occurring - or parallel - planes of existence).
While not required, it is suggested that you experience 1-3 Reconnective Healing® sessions prior to receiving your Personal Reconnection.

The Reconnection is an accelerated exchange of the energy, light and information found in the Reconnective Healing Frequencies.
It is a focused formation to connect three systems: the ley lines of our planet, the meridian lines of the human body and the universal energy grid.
The Reconnection is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that ties us back into a timeless system of intelligence.
Now is your opportunity to experience these frequencies.
Contact me today if you have any questions, would like more information, or would like to schedule your sessions.

Any Denomination You'd Like ~ A gift For Yourself or Another
Email the details and I'll get it right out to you ~ this is a digital (not paper) gift certificate ~  I'll email it back to you filled in with your wishes


Remember to speak with your Divine Guidance every day. 

They truly are literally waiting to assist you when you ask them for help.

Building and nurturing a relationship with them is a light-filled

prophecy that you will always cherish.

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