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Soul Alchemy Unlimited

Pj Fay Soul Alchemy Unlimited 7 Pointed Star

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~ Soul Alchemy Unlimited ~

It's transforming base (metals)(situations)(energies)

into their highest and best gold...and beyond...infinite possibilities...

Better Than You Can Even Imagine!


1. a form of chemistry and speculative philosophy practiced in the

Middle Ages and the Renaissance and concerned principally with

discovering methods for transmuting baser metals into gold and 

with finding a universal solvent and an elixir of life.

2. any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance,

usually of little value, into a substance of great value.

3. any seemingly magical process of transforming or combining elements into something new

In 1995 the name 'Soul Alchemy Unlimited' was given to me by my main guide Ascended Master St. Germain, to use for my healing practice,

and I've always loved the name!

​(At the same time he also clearly guided me to become a Certified Hypnotherapist, which I faithfully did, not realizing until afterwards how important it was.)

When I first started using the name for my healing practice I did a mix of hypnotherapy, vibrational/intuitive energy healing,

channeling (of St. Germain) and spiritual counseling.

Over the years my understanding of the name has grown, deepened and expanded, and so have the tools I use in my practice.

I've changed the name of my healing practice since then, to Divine Designs and AngeLight, but Soul Alchemy Unlimited has always been,

and still is, the heart and foundation of everything I do.

Years prior to that St. Germain gave me the seven-pointed star "to use as my personal and professional symbol" (in the late '80's I got

a tattoo of it) and he also gave me some information regarding this magical star, for example, that it is representative of the Pleiades star system,

he also added "and I will give you more (information on the star) in the future."

Well, he most certainly did!

And things began moving rapidly for me from that time on...

On 7.7.1997 I opened my own bookstore called "Visions...books for your Mind, Body and Soul".

I had the store for two years and it was a very magical store and time period. 

It was during that time that I had a very vivid past life regression/healing, a life on Kauai, Hawaii...and my life changed forever...again.

And it was because of that healing, and the journey that immediately followed, that I soon learned what "the more" was that St. Germain

told me about.

The seven-pointed star is connected to many things, including the Pleiades, Lemuria, Hawaii, Huna, the 7 Rainbow Rays and even the fairies!

(My last name 'Fay' literally means fairy!)

Soul Alchemy Unlimited is also very rich with meaning, as I talk about in below paragraphs.

I am very grateful to St. Germain, and I love him dearly, he is truly amazing!

Soul Alchemy Unlimited will always be the heart, soul and foundation of my work, and will always be going through magical transformations.


SO...let's take a look at these 3 words...
Soul: Our Heart and Soul...the very essence of who we are. We are souls with bodies having a human experience.

            Look into your Heart to find your Soul.
Alchemy: Healing...Transmutation..."the power to transform something base into something precious as in gold",

            changing to the highest form possible.
Unlimited....contemplate this word! There are no limits, this is with recognition that we are One with the Source of All That Is,

              the Infinite Divine Intelligence, more than we can comprehend. And it is knowing we can do more and be more than we can even Imagine!

Put it all together and it's Soul Alchemy Unlimited,  the fine art of transforming ourselves

to our very highest and best...and better than we can even imagine! 

So how do we go about healing and transforming ourselves....beyond our wildest dreams and imagination?!
Well, first we need to acknowledge that we can't do it all "on our own”.
Our subconscious, conscious mind/thinking, and imagination are all very important and fascinating parts of us, and are key aspects of the transformation and healing process.
I work with each one of these in depth. They can take us very far, very far indeed...but only so far.

Our conscious connection and relationship with God/Goddess, Great Spirit, Universe, Creator, Source Of All That Is (call "it" what you like,

"it" loves you no matter what!) will take us where we can't go on our own, beyond our limited perceptions and capabilities etc..

Healing is about becoming whole, and whole is the all of you, the all of you that is the beyond your limited subconscious, thinking and imagination.

And, so, how do we become Whole?
I believe there are many paths, and everyone takes a different one, and yet arrives at that same point eventually.
When I had my bookstore, I was always amazed how 7 different books could all have the same basic "truths" in them, but different people were attracted to different books and different paths.
It's all good.
Gratefully, we have an abundance of tools to help us find our way and become whole.


And please note, I come with a wealth of experience. I have had much to heal within me and my own life and have taken the steps, walked the walk, and done the work, to reach a place of peace and self love. I'm not "perfect" but I have learned a lot along the way, and I know how to help others with this knowledge/wisdom accumulated over almost 30 years on my self-healing journey.

In my healing practice, I use "the cream of the crop", the most effective tools, to heal myself and to heal others.
The number one tool that we just can't by-pass, go around, pretend is true, or have someone else do for us (!) is TO LOVE OURSELVES!!!
Of course I don't mean this in an egotistical "I'm better than you!" sort of way. The love I speak of is recognition and knowing that you are awesome, a good person, and doing your best to make your way through this sometimes very difficult place. We all make mistakes and sometimes stumble and fall before we realize what we're doing, let it go, forgive yourself

We are all different with varying gifts and talents, and they all fit together quite nicely! 

This love for ourselves, ideally, is unconditional love. Remove all self judgement.  We must have compassion for ourselves. Treating ourselves like we treat our children, partner or best friend. The more we can love ourselves, the more we will be able to pass this love on to others, (live The Golden Rule) see joy in our own lives and create the lives we dream of making a reality. The love (or lack of love) we have for ourselves is reflected in every area of our lives. If you talk and/or contemplate healing and transformation long enough it always comes down to this: INCREASE SELF LOVE! what are some ways...some tools we have to transform ourselves, to increase self love?
As I said, gratefully we have an abundance! In fact, here are so many great tools, that it can get downright overwhelming trying to decide which one to use! We are so blessed to have so many!
And one thing is for sure, these times we're in, they are a-changing! Our days seem shorter and we have more to do each day, and sometimes it feels like we are living a week, month, year or even a lifetime in a single day! And that's even on days when it seems like we're not even really "getting anything done"! It may seem like we're not very "productive", but really we are! If we could see ourselves from a higher perspective or from another plane or dimension, we would be in awe of ourselves! So, again, remember to be kind to yourself...and love yourself.  With that said, with that in our awareness, it becomes obvious that we don't have time for the long, and often hard and tedious methods of healing.

We also don't have the need for it! In other words, everything is different, we are different, the "rules" are different, we are in the new energy,

and now we have the tools that compliment these new energies we’re experiencing.  We need fast and powerful ways to operate, and ones that are effective in the new energy! And I have been taught, and I know it's true and best to keep the tools pure and simple.

To start, KNOW that you are a Master. You have all the answers inside yourself.  Period.
Next, remember that we are all directly connected to the Creator/Source, the Angels, Ascended Masters...and much, much more.

(We are also all connected to each other, and we are all One, yes, that's true. But for this topic on personal healing and transformation, we will focus on our Helpers, the High ones that truly Love us with a Love that is beyond our imaginations!)

Ask for help! Command help! Remember, you are a Master, so make a decision, then state it, and then ask for help with it, for example

“Show me my next step.” Then be quiet! Let it go, and be open to receive an will come...and it will come at just the right just the right way for you.
And trust, have Faith and a little patience. Our helpers are always waiting for us to ask for their help, trust that it will be given...and it is.
And now it's time for the tools for healing and transformation that I use in my practice.

Each tool and technique I use has been very Divinely Guided and given to me.

In fact, I was indeed lovingly “pushed” very clearly to learn each one and the stories around them are really quite amazing!
These tools and techniques are all very simple, quick and very effective and powerful. 
I truly know they are gifts and I am so grateful to have them and to be able to share them with you.


At first glance all the different sessions I offer may seem a but confusing, there's a lot to see.

A deeper look simply reveals that the sessions are different facets of channeling the Divine, and that they cover every aspect that you need to increase self love and move forward to consciously create your life...even better than you can even imagine!
There are 3 basic components:
~Energy healing - for every level of our being and to become whole;
~Divine Guidance - from a Higher perspective to help us on our journey;
~ The Tools and Techniques - to increase self-love, empowerment and to consciously create your life.


If you're having trouble deciding what to do...ask for help from above!

You may also email or call me for help with choosing, a brief conversation will quickly reveal the answer.

And as always, please feel free to call me if you have any questions at all.


Pj Fay Soul Alchemy Unlimited 7 Pointed Star
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Pj Fay Soul Alchemy Unlimited Be More Tha You Can Even Imagine
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