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Huna & Hawaiian Shamanism

My friend, teacher, mentor and

adoptive father from a past-life,

Dr. Serge Kahili King, and I,

walking a path on Kauai

in this lifetime. (2003)

My Heart and Soul is Hawaiian.

It goes back to a life I had on the beautiful Garden Island of Kauai, Hawaii. 

I have a very vivid past life memory there.

I know that sounds a little odd...and perhaps it is...but it's also very real and very true.

 Because I lived it...I can tell you some of the history of Kauai,

facts that are hard to find in "regular" history books,

(but can indeed be found) and I can tell you exactly the piece of land I lived on....etc...

But more on that later....(it's a fascinating and life changing story...but a long one)

(I also have strong connections to Lemuria...and the Pleiades star system...

which goes back even further...and more on that at another time as well...) 

Hmm...maybe I'll make a video about it....

Serge Kahili King and Pj Fay

Click on Image for 

Aloha International's


Serge Kahili King

Pj Fay Heart Garden Meditation

My Dear Friend Uncle Bobby Toledo

Alakai with Huna/Aloha International

It's a long story about how I found Dr. Serge Kahili's part of the story I mention was the seven-pointed star on the cover of his book "Kahuna Healing" that was on a shelf in my very own bookstore! And I sear to God I never ordered it from any of my distributors! in other materialized on to my bookstore book shelf!

There's so much more I want to write...but this too will have to wait....

In the his books and check out his site...CLICK HERE

I was ordained by Serge Kahili King on November, 18, 2001 on Kauai.....

more of the story to come was a very magical adventure!

My Heart Garden meditation is based on

The Seven Principles of Huna

as taught by Serge Kahili King

(click here or image to go to

The Heart Garden Page)

Click here or images above to go to Bobby's on-line store and site

Bobby and I first "met" on the phone in 2002 (?). He was calling to register for The Dynamind Workshop with Serge Kahili King

(I hosted Serge on the Cape twice for workshops). 

We connected right away and talked for a couple of hours.

We then met in person at the workshop. Again we just clicked.

I think I felt him right before he walked through the door.

He felt like an old friend I was seeing again...and we've stayed in touch ever since. (On of my most favorite things is to get a voicemail from him...they/he is the sweetest!)

I am so grateful to have him in my life and call him my friend.

Go to his site, get his'll thank yourself for doing it!


The 7 Principles of Huna in Rainbow Colors
The Hawaiian Goddesses
Hawaiian Goddess Pele
Pj Fay Aloha
Little Pink Booklet of Aloha

The Aloha Spirit

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on one of the images...

It's Truly Priceless!

Past Life Hula
Kauai Rainbow
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