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Weekly Messages from The Angels of DeLight

Every Tuesday I will be posting a new message from The Angels of DeLight.

I’ll be sharing them here on my site, on my Facebook page

 and on a friends site

We hope you enjoy!

Weekly Message – Angels of DeLight #6 8.17.16

Today we have a simple message for you which serves as a reminder. 
(Yes, we know you've heard it before.)

We'll have just a wee bit of word play today.

Conscious Co-Creation. 
Use It.
Conscious Co-Creation is your GIFT of Free Will. 
Use It.
Use your gift. Use it in the present ~ the present is also a gift.
The present moment is "all" you have. 
(More on the last sentence another time...Hint: Focus on ALL you have!)
The present moment is "all" you have. Make the most of it!
Make the most of it by consciously co-creating the experience you want right now. 
In the now. Now. Do It Now. 
You want Happiness. Be Happy Now!
You have the gift of having the ability to change your "now experience" now! 
Instantly! Be happy now. 
(Anything you add on to that is of your own doing.)
Think of something that makes you happy. 
Then you will be happy.
And/or DECIDE to be happy for no reason! And DECIDE to be happy no matter what!
Fake it till you make it. Practice it. 
Practice. Practice. Practice.
Sustain it. Just Do it.
And keep on doing it. You CAN do it! You got this!
The more you practice being happy NOW, the more happiness you will have, and the more easily everything else you want will fall into place.
And the "co-creating" is important and very good for you too!
Think of the "co" as the energy that created the most beautiful nature scene that you have ever laid eyes on...
it is allowing that same energy to bring you "better than you can even imagine" to your Now already Happy life!
K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Silly. 
Just be happy Now!
And yes....It's Up To You!!
In Love and DeLight,
Pj and her Angels of DeLight


The Angels of DeLight Weekly Message #5  8.9.16

Today we will look at, and play with the word “Avoid”. 
Here is
special way you can use it for your benefit!
“Avoid”….sometimes we, the Angels, will advise you to avoid a person or situation that is not suiting you. 
Something that would likely not have a positive
outcome, or your desired outcome. 
We are always looking out for your Highest and Best, and we honor your Free Will, so we make suggestions for you.
We see the patterns (of energy) that you repeat. Some are destructive patterns to yourself, 
some are old “dysfunctional comfortable” patterns, most all of them are unconscious. 
That is, until the “comfort” zone you are in turns uncomfortable for you, and you seek change, 
to bring in something better, and it then becomes more conscious. 
This is where you are most open to change, will ask for help. 
And we often will advise you to “avoid” the old so that you may bring in better.
We recognize that it can be difficult for you to simply stop doing something, 
to stop participating in the pattern that you are “comfortable” with, 
and we can most definitely help you with that if you ask us to. 
And that is why we often suggest to you to avoid the person or situation. 
Practice avoid-dance! Practice, practice, practice!
When you change a pattern, when you don’t do it anymore, when you avoid something 
you have previously engaged in, you create “a-void”! 
Avoid it and a void is created!
Yes, we are suggesting that you Avoid
to create
Create avoid consciously so that you can fill it in with new. 
With wonderful new patterns for yourself. 
The new will then be an improvement, and can be improved even more by you and 
your conscious play with it. Ask us for help, practice avoid-dance, and allow in better.
And when you ask us for help, we will also whisper to you directly and give you signs. 
We will repeat those signs numerous times for you, and in many different forms and way, 
pointing you in the direction of the new…to the better than you can even imagine!
We are lovingly here for you always…just ask…enjoy the DeLight!
We hope this helps you in creating what you truly desire.

In Love and DeLight,

Angels of DeLight ~ Weekly Message #4 ~ 8.3.16


Today the Angels would like to talk about the word "currently".

A play on words that is both fun and important. It might be a bit of a tongue twister or mind bender...but that's ok :-)


"The word “currently” holds much information that can be beneficial to you all. 

We are in hopes that you will look at the word differently from now on…and use it more frequently…in your frequency…and be conscious of why you are using it.

The word “currently” is what you might call a secret gift for you. 

The reason is this: You are a vibration of energy that is unique to you. You are indeed a current of energy. 
It is who you are. You are constantly emanating this “who you are” frequency/current of energy out to others and to the Universe.  And in doing so, creating your world. 

The word “currently” shows the importance of being in the present moment, and of being conscious

of what you are “vibing” out in the present moment. 
The vibration that you are now, in this moment, currently, is what you are currently feeling, saying, acting on, believing, and thinking…it is what you are projecting forth and creating...and bringing back to you, to change if you’d like.

Every feeling, belief, word/intention, action, belief, thought…has/is a current of energy.

You are taking information into your energy system, and then interpreting it, and then
The total sum of these who you are. 
make up

emanating your current(cy!) back out again. It is a cycle of life.

When you ask yourselves frequently “What frequency is my current of energy currently putting out as energy frequency waves to the world?” this will help you consciously create what you want.  

Or perhaps you could think “What Am I Currently?

Or simply thinking of the word “Currently” will now help you to be more conscious of what you are doing/being.

Keep It Simple Silly and Focus on Who You Are Currently.
We hope this helps you in creating what you truly desire."
In Love and DeLight,
Pj and The Angels of DeLight



Weekly Angel Message #3 7.26.16
Take a look around…everyone is receiving exactly what they believe they deserve!
Mmm…does this push some buttons?! 
Read it again...You are receiving what you believe you deserve. 
This may seem like a “hard pill to swallow” at first, but alas this is very good news! 
It is good news because you can change what you believe you deserve!
With this, we must point out, that your beliefs about what you do, or do not, feel you deserve run very deep. 
They include many, many outside influences, and they are beliefs that you don’t remember making and/or weren’t conscious of making at the time you made them. 
Do not judge yourself in this area. (Or any area!)
For instance, when you were very young you may have been taught fear or hate,

and took it on as your own truth…a belief. 
Also, past life memories/energies are brought over into this life….please remember it’s all happening now.
As we stated in our last message, we are handing you a gold plated silver platter, and would love for you to accept it, and everything wondrous it is filled with for you!
And yet your beliefs about deserving are "telling” you “Oh no, I can't take that! I am somehow, in some way, not deserving of that.” And we ask you to take an even deeper look at how this is playing out in your life.

Again we suggest that you allow yourselves more good in your life despite having feelings of guilt, shame and other dark feelings, feelings that are simply asking for DeLight! 
In truth, these dark feelings are not who you really are. They are feelings based on beliefs made in the past. 
When it comes to past lives and playing out “karmic contracts” in the here and now, this subject of receiving what you believe you deserve, would seemingly be thrown to the wayside as an untruth. Yet it remains true. Although you may have in the past, or are even currently experiencing what you would call a tragedy or loss, this is on another level, part of your overall souls plan and what you agreed to at another time. And you still have in this moment, at any given moment, the ability, the power, the authority, to shape it into something wonderful…if you believe you deserve to receive good from it. 
As you go about your days we ask that you observe this idea in motion around you. 
Observe it in yourself and in others. 
And always please observe with the eyes of love and a heart filled with compassion. 
The realization that some, including yourself, were/are more conscious than others, of what they are creating, is a responsibility of sorts. You will reap the benefits of compassion and love.

Remembering that this is very changeable and fluctuates at times is also helpful.
Allow others their story, help them if you can and if are moved to do so, and allow yourself even more good...and better than you can even imagine, into your life. 
Accept more love and DeLight into your hearts.
Shine DeLight deep within...and you shall see DeLight in motion in your life!

In Love and DeLight,
Pj and her Angels of DeLight

Angel Messages of DeLight!  #2 ~ 7.19.16


Angels around you…Angels surround you! 
Not to mention Ascended Masters and Guides as well!

We are guiding you to a life better than you can even imagine! 
Please be open to our love for you.
It is there….and it will feel good to you.
Go past the fear you may hold, go past the blocks you may have created…keep going until you feel the answer. 
Yes, sometimes you need to go deeper to go Higher. 
deeper for the true answer…if it feels good…you are "hearing" us accurately. 
Hint: if it feels good…in the deepest part of your heart…and sometimes you do need to look 
Listen...look…be open to receiving our answers to your inquiries.  
For you to ask us for help, guidance, assistance…anything you’d like. 
We hover…and wait…as long as it takes…for you. 
We, the Beings of Love, love you more than you can even imagine!
You are always, constantly, surrounded with Beings of Love…and with Love itself. 

On you can that depend!
In Love and DeLight, Pj’s Angels

Angel Messages of DeLight! #1 ~ 7.12.16

The first one the Angels would like me to share is a very sweet one…no surprise there lol
I’ve been given that they’ll all be “short and sweet and complete”.
The Angels of DeLight love to keep things simple and clear.

This first one came through in a personal reading for a client.  It has “popped” through many times and has always stuck with me…because the Angels feel so strongly about it.

Here goes…
The Angels say “Go ahead! Please take this gold plated silver platter with
the cornucopia of lovely goodies we are offering you!
Yes, take it! It’s yours!
But alas, very few choose to allow and accept our “generosity”,

although it’s not really “generous” when there is an infinite supply!
The generosity, the offerings, the infinite supply of good,

of God/Goddess/Creator Source/Universe so very often goes right past you.
For you do not allow and accept good for yourself.
We would like to see this change…for you…and for others.
We understand, we know, there are beliefs you’ve been taught and “rules” you hold on to,

and we ask you…Are they really the truth?
Do these limiting beliefs about what you deserve…are they really REALLY true?
We see also that you get stuck on the “but it’s better to give to others!”

And we say “The more you have, the more you have to give!”

And of course, you can do both! If you allow and accept for yourselves,

it does not then mean that you cannot also give to others!

You do not have to choose one over the other.
If you could see yourself as we see you, it would become crystal clear that you

are worthy of all the good there is…and better than you can even imagine!
“You are so loved!” Please love yourself as much as we love you!
Please allow and accept the overflowing gold plated silver platter…and enjoy!”
In Love and DeLight, Pj’s Angels


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