Your Magical Inner Child

I pulled an Angel card asking...what would be best for me in this moment?

I got "Inner Child Healing".

I love this card! I have for years now.

I haven't always felt that way though.

There was a time when the words "Inner Child Healing" was quickly followed by my groans, because of my childhood, I had so much to heal, so much work to do there.

I've done the work, so my feelings have changed.

I've healed and therefore transformed my inner child...and childhood.

(I wouldn't have been able to write my book unless I did.)

Part of that process was the inner journey of revisiting myself at different ages, and healing the young me's in different ways.

Often by comforting "them", holding and hugging and telling the young me's that I loved them. And I would tell them I'd always be there for them and that they are safe and secure.

And in that process I rediscovered the wise and magical child all.

The card I pulled today suggested I breathe and allow my myself to be transported back to my childhood.

I did and immediatley went to the time when I was drawing stars and my Guide Ascended Master St Germaine stood behind me and showed me how to draw seven-pointed stars.

It's one of my favorite memories.

Then St. Germaine suggested I ask the young me for a message.

Then me, my young inner child me, said "Everything is going to be Ok. Everything works out perfectly. Always."

I gasped! Of course! Not only had I had my inner child! Now my inner child was teaching me, comforting me.

I mean, like...I already knew that...but to hear it from the source (pun intended), was such a pleasant surprise!

Full circle I would say!

I highly recommend gathering up all the young you's (all the different ages) and having a love talk session with them. It's an important part of successful conscious creating.

As we know, with the Law of Attraction, we are always sending out an energetic vibe and it's reflected back to us. That includes the unconscious parts, which includes our inner-children. "They" must feel safe and secure, as does our "now self".

It's a relationship that is intertwined within our hearts.

And as I've said before, our inner child truly is wise and magical.

And life itself is magical...if you let it be.

Up To You!

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