Aloha Connections

Working at my computer today, all of a sudden I got the thought "Oh! I need to call Bobby!" and literally a second later my phone is ringing and it's Bobby! (It never ceases to amaze me!)

We talked about many things, including; people, the state of the world, the internet and put those all together...are we connecting more or are we all disconnecting from each other?

Bobby and I are both strong believers in the Aloha Spirit. To put it simply, the Aloha Spirit is the joyful sharing of life together.

Are we, as a human race, living the way of Aloha? Are we all joyfully sharing life together? Can we get along with our own families, friends and neighbors…other countries? Can we all just get along, and live a joyful life?

We talked about how when people go out to dinner and such, everyone is on their phones, disconnected from those sitting right next to them. Can we put the phones away for an hour and enjoy each other’s company?

We talked about how it is now when applying for a job, employers are looking at on-line applications and don't even meet with those they are hiring. Can we close the computers down, put the papers down, put the phones down and look at each other in the eye…and can we say to each other….I am happy with the way I live my life and I hope you are happy doing the same.

Can we treat each other with kindness and non-judgment? Can we simply connect in kindness with those around us…in line in stores, at gatherings, our work places, in our own neighborhoods etc. Can we drop the judgments and maybe even celebrate the diversity that’s all around us?

And like I always say, they don’t call it the GOLDEN Rule for nothing!

Such simple philosophies, right? There’s only one way to start…by doing it.

Peace and the Aloha Spirit, which I see as one and the same, truly does begin within.

If we give more hugs (and I love and give heart-to-heart hugs, left side to left side), If we said hi…hello…aloha!...wouldn’t that improve our days…and our lives…and our world?

I believe if we all looked at each other in the eye there would be more peace on earth.

If I want to connect with my dear friend Bobby, I need to call him (we live 500+ miles apart)...he won't answer my texts...and I like it that way. And that’s a new rule of mine.

And I hope to see you when I’m out and about, and hopefully I’ll be in a space of remembering the Aloha Spirit, and I will look you in the eye and joyfully connect with you and maybe, just maybe, that will spread even more joy, peace and Aloha.

Maybe it will even bring Peace on Earth.

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