Up To You! is important!

The title of my book "Up To You!" was chosen by my Divine Guidance, well, the whole book was written by them...word by word.

They first gave me that title in 2001, on the garden island of Kauai, and when you read the book it becomes very clear why that is.

Later in 2010 when I actually stopped everything else to sit down and write it, they had more to tell me about it.

They told me the words "Up To You!" would become a "catch phrase", one that everyone "across America" would be using.

I found this very interesting, and quite frankly, hard to believe. No one was using it at the time and I didn't see why it would become a popular phrase. Of course I was hoping, and I'm still hoping, it was because my book would be a huge best seller!

And I can't tell you how freaky it is to see it actually being used all the time! It's actually happening! My heart jumps for joy every time I hear someone use it!

And I just love when I've seen and heard people like Jack Canfield and Mike Dooley use it! I've experienced family and friends use it, blogs, posts, articles and even advertising use it!

Since then I've been given, and now understand even more, that it's because the concept "Up To You!" that's in my book, is very important for us to understand on every level, and for us to use.

Here's the harder part...explaining WHY it's so important, and this is just a sampling of why.

It's important for our own happiness and for us to make positive change in this world we live in! God knows we need positive change!

"Up To You!" gives us, and those we are in relationship with, responsibility and the freedom of choice.

Simple right, a no brainer right? But we really haven't gotten the concept(s) quite yet.

There are three basic concepts with the phrase "Up To You!"

One is looking in a mirror and saying for example "It's Up To You! to make yourself happy. It's not him/her/them's job to make you happy." Remember you are looking in the mirror at you, only you can decide to be happy or not, and to make changes within you and in your life that will help you remain happy. Happiness is a choice after all.

The second one is saying (or depending on the situation, thinking) to someone else "Up To You!, you can be happy or not." I call this the "flip side of Up To You! Of course it is important to be kind and compassionate as well. They don't call it the GOLDEN Rule for nothing!

The third concept (and this is where my book REALLY comes in handy!) is that The Universe loves us unconditionally and therefore has given us free will, and so that means we are creators of our reality...it is Up To You! to create what you want! In other words, the Universe is saying to us "Up To You!"

These concepts of "Up To You!" are so important because it, well, because it is the way it is! It's the way the Universe we live in works!

It works like the law of gravity, whether we "believe" it or not, and whether we consciously use it or not. It is vitally important to know these concepts if you want to consciously create and not be a "victim of circumstances" and create TRUE success.

I recently did a Facebook game "What Your Name Says About Your Future". Yes, I know it's just a Facebook game but I just laughed out loud when this result came up:

"You got: Start a revolution

You’re going to start a revolution, according to your name.

What kind of revolution? That’s up to you, young warrior."

Too funny! That's exact

ly the reason I'm here! To start an "Up To You!" revolution!

Click here for link to the book Up To You!

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