Snow Angel

Snow Angels

Just a short Angel story I'm sharing...

Yesterday we got about 6 inches of snow.

In the complex where I live there was much drama and chaos regarding the snowplowing or shall I say lack of it.

The condo association fired the snow plow contractor after the last snow fall because they didn't do a good job plowing our road.

I still had them under contract to do my driveway though, but wouldn't be surprised if they didn't show up after being fired by the association.

Luckily I had a lot of indoor work to do and didn't have to go out driving in the snow.

At around 1:00 my driveway still hadn't been plowed, so I called them.

They said they would get back to me but never did.

At 3:00 I decided to go out and shovel it myself...and I then I heard an Angel say "God helps those who help themselves."

I thought it was very interesting that they would say that to me, because I do everything myself! I'm not very good at asking for help...but working on that!

And it's not like shoveling a driveway is a new experience to me...what's up with that Angels I thought laughing.

I had about 1/2 of my driveway done when the snow plow showed up.

He asked if I'd like to have him finish, I said Yes, and he said "I can't beleive I'm even here! I got stuck in the snow in Barnstable so bad that I thought even a tow truck wouldn't get me out." More than once he said it was a miracle that his plow got unstuck. I told him the Angels helped him, and he said that he knew that was true, and that he has had a couple of other Angel/Christ experiences as well. I told him that I would love to hear them some day when he's not so exhausted (from working 32 straight hours in a row)!

The whole experience just had me smiling from ear to ear....gotta love those Snow Angels!

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