Teleportation! :-D

A Facebook post has promted me to write this today. Here's an article I started writing a couple of years ago about it and completed today.

​A Visitor in my Shower

This story happened in approximately 1988. It still remains one of my most “unique” experiences because since then I haven’t experienced my Divine Guidance in quite the same way!

My ordinary morning taking an ordinary shower was about to become life changing.

I was shampooing and conditioning and soaping just like every other day, when all of a sudden “out of nowhere” as if someone standing in the shower stall right there with me, I heard a very distinct, loud and clear, male voice in a very happy and excited tone say “Teleportation!”

You can imagine my shock and well, amusement! It was not scary at all, it came with a good feeling and with such joy!

“Teleportation!” When I tell this story to friends and clients I say it just like I heard it and verbally make sure I add the explanation point. It was somehow clear to me to know and remember that it had an explanation point with it.

I had never heard that word before, what the heck is “Teleportation!”?! I guessed it was something similar to the transporter machine on Star Trek, but they didn’t use that term.

No one did back then in 1988. Remember, this was before laptops, maybe regular Nintendo games were out then, but I don’t think even Super Nintendo was out yet.

Many years later, a decade later, when I had my bookstore, I saw that word again…a book called “Teleportation!” with the explanation point…just like I heard it…and a workbook too! Even then, in the late 90’s it was a word few ever heard, let alone used or believed the concept could and would be a reality.

The word ‘teleportation’ is used all the time now. I’ve heard it in children’s cartoons and all sorts of places…but not back then. And I couldn’t “Google” it, Google didn’t exist yet. I’m not even sure if we had a desk top computer at that time.

It took me a week or so before I found the word ‘teleportation” anywhere in my rather large collection of metaphysical books. Not surprisingly, especially in hindsight, I found in JJ Hurtak’s book “The Keys of Enoch”.

How was it life-changing? It confirmed a lot of things for me, too many to list here. For example, up until that point, again especially in hindsight, I doubted my channeling ability more than I realized. Although I was having beautiful communication with my Divine Guidance, mostly at that time the Ascended Masters, it still mostly felt a little too subtle and I often had the thought that maybe I was “making it all up” or similar doubts. (Especially anyone other than St. Germain, he was always very strong with me.)

After hearing it, and finding the word, and in the book I found it in…there was no more doubting. Well, if I did doubt, I always could remember that experience in the shower!

Back then I came to realize the voice, the Light Being that joined me in the shower on that ordinary and life changing day was that of Lord Ashtar. He still comes in every once in awhile when his specialties are required. I most often sense him as a kind of blue energy around my head, as if I’m wearing a blue metallic head band. I love him…he’s a very interesting guy!

And now as more time goes on, I hear the word “Teleportation” more and more. There’s no doubt in my mind that teleportation will someday be a reality.

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