Angels Around You ~ Angels Surround You!

"Angels Around You, Angels Surround You" are the words that led me to creating this blog.

Being an Advanced Angel Messenger, I know it's true that we are always surrounded by Angels.

So why did my Divine Guidance repeat that phrase to me dozens of times over the past few weeks?

My first thoughts and reactions to hearing "Angels around you, angels surround you." were things like "Yes, thank you.", "I am grateful for you.", "Cute way of putting it!" and to follow were many more "Yes, thank you!"

Being human, I would then quickly forget...and try to do everything myself!

In true Angel style, they kept repeating it, and they would show it to me in different ways, and they didn't give up until I really, really got it!

Have you ever heard the term "unemployed angels"? They are Angels with no jobs!

(Other than constantly and consistently loving us unconditionally!)

There are SO many Angels around you just waiting to be given a task to do!

Do you believe that you are SO loved that there are Angels all around you just waiting for you to ask them for help?!

Please believe this to be true! They can't wait to be put into action for you! They are ready, willing and most certainly able!

And what do they ask of us? Only to be clear in our requests!

As they recently pointed out to me, we have about 50,000 thoughts a day.

Which ones to we really want the Angels to act upon?!

They already know our thoughts and feelings. They hear us think or say, "I want this or that" and then hear us complain about that very thing, or watch us do something that is a complete opposite action of what we want. What's an Angel to do?!

For example; I silently talk to my Angels all day long, but one day in late August, I got on my knees and prayed. My prayer was delivered to my door within 2 days!

When I asked my Angels why getting on my knees brought such quick results, (as it has in the past as well), their answer was "you made it clear!" I thought it was about being humble or for some other reason I wasn't aware of....but of course! It made it very clear to them! I poured my heart out to them and they knew I meant it.

As Archangel Michael often says "Say it like you mean it!"

My Divine Guidance has watched me lately in a state of overwhelm....and not asking them for help! I have SO many wonderful projects that they have given me that sometimes I don't know where to start. They are lovingly guiding me to "amp it up", "go higher" and put them to "work". By the way, it's not really "work" for them, like when we are doing our hearts desires it's not "work" for us either. As in; "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life."

They are asking that I pass this and other Divine information on to you, because they want to help everyone so much! Tell all your friends!

And so I'm starting this blog, per their request, as another means for me to pass on their words of love and wisdom.

You may or may not see them, feel them, and/or hear them...but they are there.

The Angels are with you all of the time, and they truly want to help you with every little thing you do!

So, get clear on what you want, write it down, say it out loud, and/or get down on your knees and talk with with your Divine what ever you can to make it clear to them!

They honor our gift of Free Will...let's honor them by making it clear for them...and allowing them to do thier hearts help us!

We are SO very blessed!

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