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Group Sessions

All my sessions are available in group format!

Groups are a great opportunity to gather with new and old friends and 

with like minded souls to share in the Divine Light!

Typically a group session includes time for teaching,

questions and answers, and for hands on learning and healing.

(They may also include Angel cards, a crystal singing bowl, hand-outs and chocolate!)

Divine Guidance combined with the group's unique energy 

​always ensures a De-Light-ful experience!​


***Please note: The Reconnection is the only session not available in a typical group format.

If you have 2 or more people interested in receiving their personal Reconnection at the same time, 

please contact me for more information. ​

The Reconnection is a very special once-in-a-life time personal event, and I suggest sharing

it only with those very close to your heart and soul, as in family members and partners.


All group sessions are available in my home office or

your home or place of business.

Please contact me at 508.246.1084 if you're interested.

Thank you!

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