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Enchanted Evenings with the Angelic Realms

~~ Angels Gather Here! ~~

Come relax and enjoy a light filled evening with a gathering of Angels!

We will begin with an introduction to the Angelic Realms and

answer any questions you may have about your Divine Guidance.

Then bathe in the brilliant flow of Love and Light in a guided meditation

as I channel the Archangels, Angels and Ascended Masters as you

relax and be immersed in the Highest vibrations that only the Divine can provide!

These meditations will be different each time, as I always allow the Divine to

De-Light-fully orchestrate the evenings...better than we can even imagine!

During the course of the evening I will also share messages from the Angels (individually and as a group)

and we will have fun playing Angel cards, a crystal singing bowl and of course I will provide the chocolate!

You are so loved!

These Angelic play dates are a unique opportunity for you to take time for yourself and

from your busy schedule to be uplifted with the Angelic vibrations.

Come relax and revive with the Divine!

So let’s gather together and gather the Angels

and discover a deeper sense of love, peace and joy!

Each gathering lasts approximately 2 hours and is $40.

Arrive 15 minutes prior to the start so that we may all settle in and begin on time. 

Please arrive promptly…the Angels are waiting for you!

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