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Angel Readings ~ Types of Readings and Spreads



via email, phone, Skype and FaceTime 

These readings are more than just pulling the cards for you!

I also add the additional Divine Messages I receive directly from the Angels.

I Am a Channel of Divine Light, Energy & Information.

Your Angels are eager to give much Love and Light to you!



I have over 50 Angel and Oracle decks and will intuitively

choose the Divine Right one for you.

If you prefer a specific deck, please include this request

in your email and I will use it if possible.

Thank you.

Please email your full name, date of birth and the specific reading you

would like to

If you would like the phone call included (at no additional cost)

also provide your phone number

and the best time to reach you in the following few days.

In most cases you will receive your email reading within 24 hours.


Text or Call Me @ 508.246.1084

for more info or questions

3 Card Readings ~ 


Contacting Your Angels Reading

Card 1 ~ Who Is With You

Card 2 ~ Message from Your Angel

Card 3 ~ How Your Angel Is Helping You

+ Additional Channeled Messages


Life Coaching Reading 

Card 1 ~ Situation

Card 2 ~ Emotional Challenge

Card 3 ~ Coaching Advice

+ Additional Channeled Messages


Blessings and Challenges Reading

Card 1 ~ First Blessing or Challenge

Card 2 ~ Second Blessing or Challenge

Card 3 ~ Third Blessing or Challenge

+ Additional Channeled Messages 






4 Card Readings ~


What the Angels Want

You To Know Reading

Card 1 ~ General Theme

Card 2 ~ Possible Block

Card 3~ Angels Guidance to help this block

Card 4 ~ Probable Outcome

+ Additional Channeled Messages


Soulmate Reading 

Card 1 ~ The  Purpose of the Relationship

Card 2 ~ The Block in the Relationship

Card 3 ~ The Angel's Guidance

Card 4 ~ The Probable Outcome

+ Additional Channeled Messages







~ The Reading Spreads ~

(please scroll down to see all)

My 1 Hour Angel Reading is a 

9+ Card Spread

(not an email reading,

this is available only

in person, phone or Skype)

*And please note~ sometimes the

Divine Information comes thru

via straight channeling and the

cards are never even used.


This indepth reading and spread

contains information on

Relationships, Career/Life Purpose and General Health and Well Being.


It also contains Bonus cards (that fly out as I shuffle) and 3 decks are used.

I'm often Guided to use even more decks.

The Angels magnify cards that are signifigant and sometines move the cards to different positions after the initial read.

  It is always completely channeled Divine Guidance of the Highest and Best For You!

5 Card Readings ~ 


Life Reading 

Card 1 ~ Past Learning

Card 2 ~ Current Learning

Card 3 ~ Steps to take now

Card 4 ~ How to help Others

Card 5 ~ Your Life Purpose

                Now Includes

+ Additional Channeled Messages


New Love Reading 

Card 1 ~ How to prepare to meet

                this new person

Card 2 ~ Other Persons Block

Card 3 ~ Your Block

Card 4 ~ How to Heal these blocks

Card 5 ~ Angels Message

+ Additional Channeled Messages

6 Card Reading ~


Healing Reading

Card 1 ~ Past Health/Healing Issue

Card 2 ~ Present Health/Healing Issue

Card 3 ~ Guidance about Healing

Card 4 ~ What you are still learning

Card 5 ~ The Lesson within this situation

Card 6 ~ The Probable Outcome

+ Additional Channeled Messages


Two Way Spread

Card 1 ~ Helpful aspects to Choice 1

Card 2 ~ Helpful aspects to Choice 2

Card 3 ~ Lesson to understand w/Choice 1

Card 4 ~ Lesson to understand w/Choice 2

Card 5 ~ Outcome of Choice 1

Card 6 ~ Outcome of Choice 2

+ Additional Channeled Messages






7 Card Readings ~


Abundance Reading

Card 1 ~ What you lerned as a child

Card 2 ~ Current beliefs about money

Card 3 ~ Blocks to abundance

Card 4 ~ Guidance about abundance

Card 5 ~ Next step to take

Card 6 ~ What to expect after you that step

Card 7 ~ How to keep abundance flowing

+ Additional Channeled Messages


The Seven Card Cross Reading

Card 1 ~ Long ago past influences

Card 2 ~ Past Influences

Card 3 ~ You or The Central Situation

Card 4 ~ Energy That Crosses You


Card 5 ~ Beginning steps ahead

Card 6 ~ More Information ahead

Card 7 ~ Ultimate outcome ahead

+ Additional Channeled Messages

The 8 Card Heart Readings ~


For Two People ~ (second person can be known or unknown at present time)

The Keys are lessons and/or blocks to release to manifest your best relationship

Card 1 ~ The Foundation of the Relationship

Card 2 ~ Your #1 Key to Unlock

Card 3 ~ Their #1 Key to Unlock

Card 4 ~ Your 2nd Key to Unlock

Card 5 ~ Thier 2nd Key to Unlock

Card 6 ~ Your 3rd Key to Unlock

Card 7 ~ Their 3rd Key to Unlock

Card 8 ~ Probable Outcome or Purpose of Relationship

The 8 Card Heart Readings ~


For One Person (Yourself ~ Gaining insight on manifesting a Future Love Relationship)

The Keys are lessons and/or blocks to release to manifest your best relationship

Card 1 ~ Where You're at Now/Belief System

Card 2 ~ How Past Relationship is affecting You Now

Card 3 ~ Key to Unlock Past Hurt/Belief

Card 4 ~ Outside World and Others Influence

Card 5 ~ Key to Empower Self rather than Outside World/Others 

Card 6 ~ Key to Open Up to Better Thank You Can Even Imagine

Card 7 ~ Angelic Adice and Message

Card 8 ~ Probable Outcome or Purpose of Future Relationship

~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ TEXT ME @ 508.2146.1084 ~ Let's Get This Party Started! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

        3 Card Spread             4 Card Spread              5 Card Spread             6 Card Spread           7 Card Spread         8 Card Heart Spread     1 Hour Angel Reading

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