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I pulled an Angel card asking...what would be best for me in this moment?

I got "Inner Child Healing". 

I love this card! I have for years now.

I haven't always felt that way though.

There was a time when the words "Inner Child Healing" was quickly followed by my groans, b...


Self talk = Self Love


Last night I was talking with a friend and I was saying horrible things about myself! 

Really it was one statement in particular that I heard myself say…a total put down of myself! It was quite a rude awakening!  

The fact that it jolted me “awake”...


31 years ago I hit rock bottom.

31 years ago, exactly today, was my first day of sobriety.

I did what I was advised and I got on my knees and asked to be healed and for the desire to drink to be taken from me.  A few days later Jesus appeared at the foot of my bed.

I saw...



Working at my computer today, all of a sudden I got the thought "Oh! I need to call Bobby!" and literally a second later my phone is ringing and it's Bobby!  (It never ceases to amaze me!)


We talked about many things, including; people, the state of the world, the int...



The title of my book "Up To You!" was chosen by my Divine Guidance, well, the whole book was written by them...word by word.


They first gave me that title in 2001, on the garden island of Kauai, and when you read the book it becomes very clear why that is.

Later in 201...


I have so much I want to write here too! jeez louiz...I will get back to this soon and do my best to write on a more regular basis..."talk" to you soon! xoxoxo


Snow Angels


Just a short Angel story I'm sharing...

Yesterday we got about 6 inches of snow. 

In the complex where I live there was much drama and chaos regarding the snowplowing or shall I say lack of it.

The condo association fired the snow plow contractor after the las...


A Facebook post has promted me to write this today. Here's an article I started writing a couple of years ago about it and completed today.


​A Visitor in my Shower

This story happened in approximately 1988. It still remains one of my most “unique” experiences because si...


To Infinity and Beyond!


Are you using everything that is available to you? 

Are you open to receive beyond and better than you can even imagine?!

Are you open to what’s beyond our physical world and our human limited thinking? 

Our Divine Guidance wants to give us SO much...


Allow your Angels to DeLight You! 


~ Talk to them ~ Let them into your Life! ~


They have so much Love and Light they want to give you!


Open up and receive better than you can even imagine!


You'll be happy that you did!

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